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Installation of program on iPhone and iPod Touch devices

If you want to install program on your phone, perform the following steps.

1. Download the application by choosing one of the three methods below

App Store*



- start App Store program on your phone

- find and install application

click on the link below

- start the web browser on your phone

- go to

- follow further instructions

* App Store is an online store of Apple, with applications for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices. Devices of this type have an application called "App Store" which allows to browse and install programs from this store

** iTunes is a program produced and distributed by Apple. iTunes software is an interface of iTunes Store (App Store) where you can download our application for free.

*** – this is the address where you can find a mobile version of our website. If you enter this address in the web browser of your mobile phone, your device will be automatically recognized and redirected to a place where you will be able to download a proper application.

2. Start the downloaded application on your phone
3. Activate it by entering your login (e-mail address) and mobile password (activation code) assigned to your account, that you can generate below

Mobile password (Activation code): XXXXXXX