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The day of every diabetic is filled with activities he should remember about – depending on the type of the disease and the type of treatment, the main task is to adjust an appropriate dose of drugs or insulin to the consumed meal and to continuously monitor blood sugar concentration. Self-control and familiarity with one's own body, which enables proper management of the disease, is of critical importance. application will provide you with effective support in your daily struggle for maintenance of an appropriate level of blood sugar concentration. The developed functionalities will allow you not only to register and archive your results in a simple and intuitive way, but will provide you with greater comfort of life through additional features, as a result of which your control over diabetes will become easier in practice. Join us – diabetes under control!

Why is it worth joining us?


Effective diabetes management is possible only if you know your organism perfectly well, you are methodical and have persistence which motivates you to pursue the assumed goals. Difficult?


Very difficult at first sight, especially that daily struggle with diabetes is not your only occupation during the day – apart from that you have plenty of other obligations (professional and private) which take the major part of your day. How, therefore, despite the chronic lack of time and an increasing list of things to do, should you manage your diabetes, having the feeling that you are the leader in this relationship, and, at the same time, not have the impression every day that you still do not understand anything of it?Dbees application has been created for people like you – despite the same disease, everyone is different, therefore, the designed solution is fully flexible and adapted to the needs of even the most demanding diabetics.


After checking glycaemia you do not have to nervously look for your paper diabetic diary or another notebook where you write down your test results – dbees operates through an ordinary mobile phone which, after all, you nearly always have with you. As opposed to traditional, inefficient methods, the website allows you to analyze your data using friendly charts and statistics, and make them available online to your doctor.  You do not have to remember about the time to take insulin or test glycaemia according to the doctor's recommendations – an alert will remind you about the need to perform the defined activity, thanks to which you will be able to focus only on pleasant things. Calculator of carbohydrate exchangers will allow you to calculate the exact quantity of carbohydrates in the meal you have eaten, and on the forum you will be able to talk to people with the same problems and joys. application will provide you with support in managing your diabetes – without effort and the need to remember about everything you have a chance for a conscious life without limitations.

Register – free and anonymous application will support you in effective self-control of your diabetes


Setting up the account is very simple and does not require technical knowledge. Registration has 4 steps in which you provide only the information which is necessary to activate your account. Using the application is completely anonymous – we do not require you to give your name, surname or address because we want you to feel fully comfortable while using our service.


During the registration you will be asked to fill in the information related to your profile, disease parameters (type of diabetes, year of diagnosing, type of therapy) and details of therapy – provision of these data will allow you to use the functionalities of the service and the application in a more complete way.


In the last step of the registration you will have the possibility to define the pattern of your activities for each day – by adapting the possibilities to your needs you, at the same time, personalize your mobile application to your standard daily routines.


Install the application – a simple way for easier life


Dbees application has been created to serve all diabetics, therefore, we give you the possibility of its installation in almost all available models of mobile phones. 


Our application works on the following platforms: Android (e.g. Nexus One, Droid), iPhone (4G, 3GS, 3G, iPod Touch), Java Me, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Blackberry.We have made efforts to make the installation as simple as possible, regardless of the phone and platform type. 


Adjust the application – a custom-made tool adapted to your needs


You can adjust the application to the type of your disease, type of treatment and the drugs you take. On the basis of the profile you filled in during the registration, the system will select activities and types of tests suitable for you and your disease in accordance with the standards.  Of course, in the case of changes in your profile, you have the possibility of updating the introduced data, so that the application could flexibly adjust to these modifications.


Plan your day according to your habits and scheme of treatment


In dbees application you can freely plan your daily activities, taking account of your own plan of meals and the type of tests related to it.  When planning your standard daily routines, you choose options suitable for you – you do not have to "click" every day through all possible activities that may constitute a standard set of daily routines for other diabetics but are unsuitable for you. You choose only the activities consistent with your "timetable", and the mobile application personalized in such a way displays only what you need.


Set alerts and reminders – you will never forget about what is important to you


For each of the scheduled activities you can set a cyclical reminder that will remind you about the need to perform it.  Thanks to this functionality you will have additional support, which will enable more effective management of the disease and compliance with the principles related to regular meals and dosing medicines.


To make the use of application easier for you and, at the same time, adjust the functionalities to your needs, we have prepared two options: reminder and alert, the function of which is to remind you about important activities. The differences between them are associated with the way of setting, frequency of launching and the release which causes activation of a specific "reminder".


Collect your data through a mobile phone in an easy and intuitive way


The most important functionality of system will enable easy registration of test results and other activities on your mobile phone. To collect data related to your disease in a simple and intuitive way, it is enough to install the application.


You do not have to look any more for your disease diary or a scrap of paper on which you can write down your blood sugar level or the quantity of carbohydrate exchangers in the meal you have just eaten. In each place and at any time you can use your mobile phone with which you not only collect your data, but also, in a simple way, send them for archiving to your account in the service.


Analyze the results – charts and statistics will help you understand your disease

Recording your daily activities through application is very easy and their synchronization using one button sends them for archiving, so that you had access to them at any moment and could analyze them or make them available to your doctor at any time.


The activities you record form a database about the course of your disease. Each introduction of information, as well as synchronization of the application update your "electronic archive". You have access to the data collected this way through your Internet account. system allows you to use a number of charts and statistics that can visualize the recorded information, thanks to which understanding of your disease and independent interpretation of the results is definitely easier.


Calculate the value of the meal – control the quantity of the consumed exchangers

Every diabetic should constantly control blood sugar concentration level because it usually is beyond normal range. Unfortunately, almost every food product contains carbohydrates, the consumption of which increases the level of sugar. The primary purpose of the drugs you take and the insulin you inject is to reduce glycaemia and lead to a situation where the level of sugar is equalized and falls within the normal range. In practice, however, it is not so easy because the dose of drugs and the quantity of insulin you take depend on the size of the consumed meal and the content of carbohydrate exchangers. For people using an insulin pump every day, the point of reference may be, in turn, protein-fat exchangers.


Association of the insulin dose with the type of consumed meals results in a situation where, to properly dose drugs or insulin, one needs information on how many exchangers of a given type are contained in a given meal. The diversity of food products and the need to calculate these values do not make this task easier, therefore, not all diabetics dose drugs and insulin on the basis of actual calculated data and often rely on their habits and highly simplified assumptions – and what is the case with you?


Share your account and make the reports and analyses available online to your doctor service was established also for the doctors, for whom the analysis of collected data concerning parameters of their patients' disease is also extremely important. After all, types and doses of administered drugs are chosen on this basis, as well as the quantities of insulin administered by patients.


Test results and information on activities associated with diabetes are a point of reference for every doctor who may, on the basis of these data, modify the previous type of therapy and make a decision to introduce significant changes in the scheme of treatment.


Join dbees community and be in touch with people like you


Apart from the mobile and web (Internet) application, system consists also of a dedicated forum for exchange of opinions, internal mail and base of categorized articles about diabetes, prepared by medical experts in this field.


The forum for exchange of views is available only after logging in and has been divided into various thematic categories. Its main purpose is simply to exchange opinions and remarks directly concerning diabetes, or other information being of interest to the participants of community. Contact with people with similar problems or questions may allow you to explain the doubts that you have not found answer to so far and to share good news with the forum participants.